Sunday, 11 September 2011


So here are the methyl methacrylate floors first mentioned back in May.

The rooms on two of the floors have this 'Monet' finish
The rooms on the remaining floor have the finish named after Picasso.

Neither of the floors has turned out quite like the samples we had, which was a surprise. Picasso is greyer and Monet lighter. In fact, if you were watching Dr Who last night, the rooms at the top of the house will look pretty familiar as they have that extra-bright look so beloved of sci fi sets.

The floors get their shininess from the fragments of recycled glass that are set into the acrylic but the texture is similar to cushion flooring. They aren't quite rink-smooth but you won't want to rush for the telephone in a hurry as we've already tested out the [lack of] friction in a successful  session of indoor sock skating...

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