Sunday, 25 September 2011

We could have been anything that we wanted to be


At the end of week 33 the exterior views don't look very different, apart from the wire leading from the ground to the electricity box on the north wall. Next week we hope to have the electricity connected and then, who knows what wonders will happen.

The world's smallest skirting boards are on the walls and the kitchen and utility room units are in place. Personally I'm not a massive fan of hiding white goods inside cupboards but once I  remember where they are and work out how to turn the dishwasher on I'm sure things will be fine.

Whilst we're talking cupboards: something that is engendering much hilarity is the location of the telephone points. For some inexplicable reason a phone point has been put inside the only fitted cupboard in the place.

We were a bit puzzled as to who makes telephone calls inside a cupboard until my son suggested that perhaps this isn't so much a coat cupboard more a phone booth like you used to have in hotels or Edwardian houses - or diners like this scene from Bugsy Malone....

... and, in case you were wondering, our phone box isn't any larger on the inside.

There are two more things to show you:  here's what happens when you put a 2 metre high water cylinder underneath a compact fluorescent lamp which isn't quite as compact as it needs to be!

And, finally, here's the set of pressure gauges next to the air ducts. I think we've all seen enough films to know that dials like these can cause all manner of mischief.....

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