Sunday, 29 May 2011

End of week sixteen

This week the builders have been finishing off the woodwork on the roof and both sides now have plywood over the recycled cellulose. I've taken a photo to show a better detail of the insulation boards than the one I took a couple of weeks ago. This is a cross-section through one board and shows the layers of cellulose that make it up. You can see why it needs to be covered in plywood rather than being exposed to the rain when it would crumble like weetabix in milk.

This view from the south west corner is the only one to show any change from last week and that's quite a subtle difference but materials for the next phase have been coming on site all week, including the slates for the roof.

Yesterday samples of the flooring arrived and I've been trying to work out which colours would look best. The floors are made of methyl methacrylate and this has been chosen because it will be warm and hard-wearing. If you check out the manufacturer's brochure it looks like we can do anything from pogoing to hurling chemicals on the floor and it will be untouched, so that's our weekends sorted. 

When I first saw the brochure it was tempting to match the names of the artists to the function of the rooms and I did find my admiration, or otherwise, of the artists was influencing my choice but now the samples have come I have had to focus. I've been on site with paint samples, floors samples and bits of fabric and I think I've picked my artists. Now I have to resist the temptation to melt a clock or stick a crustacean on the telephone. I did want a nice blue for one floor but, sadly, there was no Frida Kahlo on offer.

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