Thursday, 27 January 2011

The saga begins....

Next week builders move onto our garden to start building an eco house and this blog will record the story of the build. We've been waiting for it to start for over 3 years as there have been lots of problems with the design and the planning permission but, all things being equal, we are there now.

Here, for posterity is a picture of the site from the road and the air:

and this, roughly, is where the new house is going

The house is going to be one of a very few passive houses in this country - check it out on wiki, it must be true: It will generate its own electricity, recycle the rainwater. You name it, it will do it - it all sounds a bit space age so I hope it doesn't do a HAL on us while we're sleeping sometime!

I would post a picture of the plans here but suspect it will infringe someone's copyright so I will just post photos as it goes.

In the meantime, check out the photos of the plot as it is today and then wait for what it looks like next week when the machines appear...