Friday, 30 September 2011


The scaffolding came down today (end of week thirty-four) and here are the first views:

.... not a traditional-looking house is it?!

There are two things to show you inside. 

The first is what the corridors now look like with these plastic panels covering the ducting. It looks a bit sterile so I've got to have a bit of a think about how to reduce the space-ship vibe.

I think we may have found the place to stick those propaganda posters!

The second thing to show you is this meter:
The solar panels were connected up two days ago and in the past thirty hours this is how many kilowatt hours they have generated. That's enough energy to power a laptop for 1,000 hours so that will probably do us.

Mind you, there has been a lot of sunshine this week, it being the warmest weather we've had in the UK since 1906!

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