Friday, 3 June 2011

End of week seventeen

The house may not look very different from the usual views but check out these two pictures and you'll see what's been added this week:

Our roof windows are now in and very cool they look too.

At the moment it's possible to see them from the ground floor of the house as well, which is rather fun.

The photo also shows the joists being installed for the floors; the top floor ones are all in and the metal brackets to the left show when the middle floor joists will go next week.

This morning a lorry arrived from Germany with our windows. Don't ask me why people don't make tripled glazed windows in the UK but there's another trick missed.

The windows will start being put in next week but you can have a sneak preview now.  Peeping out from the covering on the left is der Windfang (

I'm amused that the country that brings us the mighty Playmobil also supplies windows as a flat pack.......

Ah the memories!

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