Friday, 10 June 2011

End of week eighteen

We have windows!


All week experts from Germany have been installing our windows and they have got a few days to go. The windows are triple-glazed and consequently very heavy, which has meant that the installation is not a quick job. The glazing on the south side is now complete, as you can see from the third of the photos but the long windows on the west side (last photo) have still to be done - they are saving the best task till last! The house looks quite different with the windows in and the triple glazing already makes the rooms much quieter.

Inside the house these steel tubes have been going in for the electrical wiring. The floors in some rooms now look like a gigantic circuit board but this will all be covered up when the flooring is laid. All the sockets at the end of the tubes have been put on the internal walls as I mentioned earlier which will rather determine where we put the furniture.

In the corridor section on the north side of the house the floor joists are now all complete and it looks like the boarding is going in for the floors. They are going to be wood in this section which will look very nice indeed. The view up to the roof from the ground floor is rapidly disappearing so I'm glad I took the photo last week.

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