Sunday, 22 May 2011

Half way!

It's the end of week 15 which means we are, theoretically, half way through the build. I'm putting the usual two views in for reference but it's the views from the back garden that show most progress.

The roof beams are almost complete over the corridor section and on the south side the insulation boards have been overlaid with wood. At the moment this is covered with polythene in case of rain. The next thing is to complete the corridor roof and then add the roof windows but there won't be many deliveries this coming week as the local council are resurfacing the whole street - expect chaos.

Inside the house the builders are cutting channels in the concrete bricks for wires, maybe this is what you usually do when building a house but it does seem very time-consuming. Here's a pic for posterity:

So far the channels are only on the internal walls as you don't want to make any holes in the external walls and compromise the airtightness of the structure (is that even a word??). That's one way of sorting out where the TV can go!

I've been having to make CHOICES this past couple of weeks over kitchen units, work surfaces and floors. The first two were easy but the floors are going to be recycled glass and so far I only have a website to look at for samples and you can't really tell much from an online brochure. We will have the same flooring as NASA and Manchester airport, not to mention Sainsburys and the jury is rather out on my enthusiasm for this!

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