Sunday, 10 April 2011

Im Westen etwas neuer

Last week, the underground network for the heating was completed and the matrix runs under the new garden rather like this. The inlet pipe I photographed won't remain quite as it looks at the moment but I won't spoil the surprise and show you the finished product until it's installed. All I will say is that I doubled up with laughter when I saw it in the box.
This week the digger was busy again in the south west corner of the site and where I've added the purple circle in the picture above there is now a deep hole containing this:

When I say deep, I mean deep: the hole goes down 8 feet and contains the soakaway. By my calculation it has the capacity to hold several thousand litres of water so it ought to be able to cope with summers round here with equanimity.

The hole will be filled in soon and only you and I will know what lies beneath but, just for now, it does look as if we're installing a nuclear bunker. An impression the Rehau inlet pipe tends to support.

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