Saturday, 16 April 2011

End of week ten

This week the crane was back on site and we now have both sets of floors in situ. The second picture shows what the top floor looks like from the front of the house looking back through. As you can see we are going to be above the level of the building on the western side of the site. I was hoping to get photos of the view too but, unfortunately the camera batteries went and I didn't have any spares. Why does that always happen?

After ten weeks we are now almost at roof level and you can see the contrast between what is, effectively, almost glass walls for the rooms on the ground and first floors and the solid walls on the top floor. The rooms at the top will have windows in the roof so we will have to have a periscope if we want to see what's going on at street level; mind you it ought to be great for stargazing as the light pollution to the west of the house is minimal.

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