Saturday, 16 April 2011

Garden dreams

Here's a couple of pictures to look back on in a few months time. One is the view from the ground floor window out into the garden and the other is the view back to the house from the corner of the garden.

I hope at the end of this blog to have a photo of the views to show with a newly planted garden but, in the meantime, here's a picture of all the plants waiting to go into the ground:

I created this flowerbed in the winter once I knew the build was about the start and it's holding all the plants I've been collecting since we moved here three years ago in anticipation of my new garden. The pots are holding plants I brought with me from our old house and, as things finish flowering around the garden this year, I'm also potting them up ready to move before I forget where they are. Today I tried to rescue some Anemone blanda plants but the bulbs are so minute I only managed to find one despite some very detailed excavations in the garden. I think I may just put in an order with instead, one of my favourite websites.

Check out the scaffolding for the new house on the edge of the photo and my topspoil mountain at the side of the hedge. The local avian population can't believe their luck with the latter.

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