Monday, 24 October 2011

End of week thirty-seven

This week the terrace has been laid. Like the blocks that formed the house walls the pavers are made of recycled aggregates and they sparkle in the autumn sunlight, which is rather fun.

As the last two photos show, the glass for the feature window on the western wall is still not available so the window has been boarded up for the time being. 

My daughter remarked that it looks like we're building in a priest hole and I know what she means: this is what it looks like from inside the room.


Looking  into other rooms and the corridors you zoom forward four and a half centuries as seen in the bathroom here. 

We're not sure which of the following two images is the inspiration for the shower cubicle but, either way, it's making us laugh.

Our other source of amusement is the electronic blinds which have finally been fitted. I've had two school parties visit last week and they have also enjoyed seeing them in action. I will take a photo of the blinds for next weekend but they really are great entertainment.

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