Sunday, 30 October 2011

End of week thirty-eight

We move into the eco house two weeks from tomorrow and this is what it's looking like at the moment.


The stick-on bricks are finished and, as the mountain of concrete shows, work has begun on landscaping the front. Ironic isn't it that the house and hard landscaping are made of recycled aggregates when all these aggregates are being carted off site but there are limits to what one can achieve.

In the garden the mounds of earth (left) have now been flattened so it's not long before I can start reclaiming my garden. I can't tell you how frustrating it's been not to be able to get outside this season.

The next stage inside is to finish the bathrooms, hopefully before we move in and seal the wooden flooring on the corridors. 

The floors were uncovered for the first time this week and it's been a bit of relief to see how they soften the space vibe.

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