Sunday, 14 August 2011

End of week twenty-seven (nine weeks to go!)

Well, I know I said it was nine weeks to go at twenty-one weeks but then things got delayed a bit,. Fortunately that's all sorted (hopefully) so I'm now booking removers for the third week in October.

This is the same view as the last week's picture of the north side of the house and shows the insulation blocks going on. I was expecting them to be laid like lego bricks but there's been a lot of sawing to make them fit which has been very fiddly and covered the garden and the sills of any open windows with tiny crumbs of black polystyrene.

The walls are now about half covered so next week I hope to be able to show a very different looking house.

Inside it's looking suspiciously like a space ship, rather confirming my concerns about the house's nature expressed in my first post. This gizmo on the left isn't a boiler but a counter flow channel type heat exchanger  (no, me neither so check this out). 

The picture on the right shows some of the ducting that will transfer fresh air throughout the house. You can see one of the ducts at the top of the wall.

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