Sunday, 28 August 2011

End of week twenty-nine (seven weeks ...)


Look at this, the eastern wall has changed from black to cream as it has been covered with mesh in advance of the rendering.  This has made the house look very different, more so than when the black Sto insulation blocks were put onto the concrete blocks a couple of weeks ago.

The north facade is also getting the Sto-on-the-wall treatment and the final insulation blocks are being put on the walls inside the porch.

The pipes inside for the air circulation have been lagged with vast amounts of insulation felt. It's like a cross between aluminium foil and the glass wool  you put in lofts and is making the corridors of the first and top floors look like a 1960s space set. I tried googling which episodes of Dr Who featured this much tin foil  to no avail, though I discovered that a lot of students enjoy wrapping their rooms in the stuff. It's also been pointed out to me that the original Lost in Space was very big on the shiny silver look, though you'd best turn down the brightness on your screen before checking it out on IMDb.

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