Saturday, 9 July 2011

End of week twenty-two

Externally the site doesn't look so very different, although some more slates have appeared on the roof.

At the beginning of the week the stairs arrived on site. 

Here they are before being installed....

... and here's where they were by the end of the week  (the white covering is cardboard to protect the stairs during the build).
The other major change has been that the walls are getting plastered. 

The plasterers are making a fantastic job and the rooms seem much bigger than they did when you could just see the concrete blocks.

This room is the kitchen; there will be another photo when it's complete.

With the stairs in place it's now possible, with a bit of agility, to see the rooms on the top floor and here's a picture of all the membranes that are making the roof airtight.

The insulation that was installed last week was pumped behind the membranes which is why they look a bit sagging in places. It's has been put in at a depth of 400mm so the upstairs is both well insulated for warmth and amazingly sound-proofed too.

The thing that looks like a black hose in the foreground is the cabling for the thermal solar panels that went in a couple of weeks ago.

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