Saturday, 23 July 2011

End of week twenty-four


It was a bit tricky finding my usual spot for the first picture this week because, as most of the photos show, we have stacks of the latest building material everywhere.
These are the insulation blocks that will be stuck to the outside walls. They are 1m x 50cm in size and 25cm deep and made of expanded polystyrene. If you click here there's a picture of how they'll be installed and here's the manufacturer's brochure. The boards will work like one of those jackets that ensure water in a hot water cylinder retains its heat. The house will look extremely peculiar when they are first put on but this won't be the final finish.

Indoors the walls are still being plastered and the acoustic insulation that was being stuck round the bottoms of the walls is now appearing on the floor too, which makes a bit more sense.

And, of course, the skeleton of the porch (picture 2 above) is being added too with the thickest wooden uprights this side of a telegraph pole. I've been seeing drawings of the porch on the plans but, somehow, I never connected with how big it is.

Next week, all being equal, the solar panels appear which is something I've been really looking forward to. It's now less than two months to go.... so exciting!

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