Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Going retro

I shouldn't like you to go thinking that all the technology here is glitch-free (!) so take a look at the flashy front door with its triple glazing and seals:

The inner and outer porch doors came with these round door knobs that were for pulling but not turning (why does this make me think of that Thatcher speech?!) but what we found was that if you didn't have your wits about you you bashed your hand on the metal door-frame which was extremely unpleasant.

The solution was to replace these knobs with a lever handle and yesterday someone came out to do that but, alas, somehow changing the handle stopped the key turning in the lock. After spending the night with an unlocked porch we have come up with a very eco solution and here it is ..................................

Until the door manufacturers (I kid you not) can come out later this week we have added this more rugged feature to our futuristic house.

You've got to be resourceful in this game.

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