Sunday, 20 November 2011

Never again!

Only a couple of pictures this week, for reasons that will be obvious.

Here's the view of the site from January 23rd...

... and here's the view from much the same spot on November 12th.

The past week can best be described as mad and hasn't left much time for sitting down, let alone blogging. Moving house is hassle enough but I don't recommend moving to "a carbon-negative, electricity-generating, boiler-free marvel" without nerves of steel.

Over the last week, whilst shifting boxes, furniture and getting on for 2,000 books ("I know there'll be a lot of books to pack, vicarages always have a lot of books") I've had a day's instruction on how run this marvel. In a normal house you move in, sort out the heating timer and bung up the thermostat. In this one we've had information on using the temperature controls and ventilation system, learned what the significance of this gadget is and why some walls have things that look like aliens at the top. I was also part of an hour's instruction with three experts on passive houses which ended with one of them saying "it will be interesting to see how all this works"...

... not the most reassuring thing you want to hear in a stressful week.

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