Sunday, 20 March 2011

End of week six

One week on and the external and internal walls have now reached the first floor so it's starting to really look like a house. It's possible to go inside and get a feel for the downstairs rooms and, with windows on all three outer walls, they seem incredibly bright. This will cut down on the amount of artificial light they need as well as maximising the warmth from any winter sun. Next week work starts on the first floor rooms so the scaffolding has been put up, which rather obscures the view of the house.

On Friday afternoon the JCB came back as one of the biggest jobs on the site is about to start. These pipes are the key part of the house's heating and will be buried under most of the garden that's visible in this picture. I'll tell you more about the heating when I've got my head round it as it makes no sense at all at the moment to me...

The JCB for the job is so large it made furniture in this house shake when it came on site so the next couple of weeks should be entertaining!

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